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Fast Romantics Unlock Happiness + Euphoria

Fast Romantics duo pose for a black and white photograph.

More to Watch Toronto duo, Fast Romantics, traverse a new soundscape of sea change with their newest album, Happiness + Euphoria. Fast Romantics – Photo credit: Jen Squires. The new album from Fast Romantics is divided into two sides, leaning into the duality of Matthew Angus and Kirty – partners on and off stage, with […]

The Honesty Build The Bridge with New Album

The Honesty - The Bridge - album art depicts a cartoon image depicts a giant monster like creature crossing over a truss bridge.

Recent Articles Press play on The Bridge, the debut album from The Honesty, and you will notice two things very quickly; 1. “This band hits hard!” And 2. “My head will not stop bobbin’ to this!” The Honesty – The Bridge – album art The first track, “Tell All Your Friends (feat. Hit the Lights)”, is an […]