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Bumpin Uglies
Linc Bradham

Bumpin Uglies Explain ‘This Whole Gig is Survival of the Fittest’

One of today’s most exciting reggae/funk groups that you’ve likely already heard of, but may not know is actually from right in our DMV backyard in Annapolis, Maryland is none other than Bumpin Uglies. Bumpin Uglies blend and swirl a style that weaves a sonic palette of upbeat music, heartfelt lyrics, and most of all, fun – channeling ska and reggae favorites. Join contributing writer Linc Bradham as he discusses the band’s wildly successful career, how they navigated the height of COVID-19, and why they believe “this whole gig is survival of the fittest.”

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Eric Althoff

BRASSIE Does Music Her Own Way

BRASSIE is loath to be pigeonholed into one specific genre or another. Her sound is perhaps reminiscent of the singer-songwriter mode familiar from the likes of Alanis Morissette, but the artist herself insists that her musical influences and DNA are difficult to pin down. She takes inspiration wherever it comes, even from a documentary, noting “I feel like I’m influenced by everything I’ve ever heard.” Join contributing writer Eric Althoff as he sits down with BRASSIE to discuss her viral single, recent Wammie Award nominations, and upcoming shows.

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Yasmin Williams
Kimberly Shires

Yasmin Williams Is Taking the Stage by Storm

Yasmin Williams is an acoustic guitar maven from Northern Virginia. Her music is a little classical and a little folk but fully and authentically Yasmin. Listening to Yasmin is an experience. She uses the whole range of sounds offered by the acoustic guitar and seamlessly moves from what sounds like a meditative chant to much more percussive element. And don’t forget her brilliant use of harmonics. Join contributing writer Kimberly Shires as she goes behind the scenes with this legend in the making who continues to inspire many.

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Alchemical Records
The Alchemist

2021 Year in Review: A Message from Alchemical Records

As Alchemical Records prepares to close out 2021, the team would like to extend our thanks to the many artists and creatives who partnered with us to make this year one of our best yet. Despite another challenging year for the music industry and the world at large, DMV artists found innovative ways to channel their energy into inspiring others through music, reminding us that we are not alone in this journey. Join the Alchemical Records team as they reflect on a few of their favorite moments of 2021 (out of many).

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Oh He Dead - Full Band
Eric Althoff

Oh He Dead Says They’re Not Dead Yet

D.C.-based indie soul band Oh He Dead has a rather unique story behind its name. We’ll get to that, but first, it’s important to take note of the various musical genres that infuse the group’s rather unique sound. Their compositions bear many stamps, most notably jazz, folk, and funk. Join contributing writer Eric Althoff as he goes behind the scenes to reveal a sneak peek of Oh He Dead’s upcoming projects. Through the most trying of circumstances, the band makes it clear that they’re not dead yet. Despite the pandemic, they are soldiering on, with two new albums forthcoming.

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January Jane "Your Drug"
Jaci Jedrych

January Jane Brings Listeners Sparkle, Glamour, and Shine

All the glitz and glamour of a rooftop bar at midnight and none of the hangover– this sentiment perfectly captures the journey on which January Jane brings listeners with their newest EP, Your Drug. January Jane’s formation certainly could be called serendipitous. Now based in New York City, January Jane’s proud roots are in the DMV. Join contributing writer Jaci Jedrych as she explores the band’s exciting journey, including diverse influences, recent signing with global music publisher BMG, and their best piece of advice for making it in the music industry.

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