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Hayley Fahey
Maura Marcellino

Hayley Fahey Takes Us Back to the ‘Good Old Days’

Toward the end of the summer, DMV-raised and now Nashville-based soul-infused pop and sometimes blues singer-songwriter Hayley Fahey released a beautiful three-track EP that she began the process for during quarantine. The EP, “Good Old Days,” includes “Halfhearted Love Song,” “Melting,” and the title track. Contributing writer Maura Marcellino had the pleasure of chatting with Hayley about her influences, upbringing, creative process, fashion, and the ever so confusing topic of work-life balance, including Hayley’s secret for finding the right balance.

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Emily Hall
Linc Bradham

Emily Hall: ‘I’m Getting Ready to Share All On My Own Terms Rather than Waiting for Others to Come to Me’

Singer-songwriter Emily Hall’s journey didn’t start in Nepal, but that’s where it took hold. Emily Hall’s journey with music has been one of healing, of compassion, of shadow, and of triumph. A 2014 Fulbright grant recipient, Emily journeyed to Nepal that same year, after many years of musical disillusionment. Once she reached Nepal, however, that all changed. Learn more about Emily Hall’s inspiring story with contributing writer Linc Bradham, including a sneak peek of her upcoming collaborative project with Rav Situla.

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LJR Releases Debut Album
Cynthia Gross

Pop Rock Artist LJR: ‘I No Longer Try to Pretend to Be Somebody I’m Not’

Maryland-based pop rock artist LJR is one of a kind. His journey to a full-time music career is at times heartbreaking, exhilarating, and ultimately, life-affirming. LJR reminds audiences that ends serve as beginnings, offering new opportunities to become the person you were always meant to be. Learn more about LJR’s inspiring story with contributing writer Cynthia Gross, including the one thing he needed to unlearn during his growth process, how his background in engineering affects the way he approaches art, and the surprising story behind the title of his upcoming album.

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Shacara Rogers
Cynthia Gross

Shacara Rogers: ‘There Is a Special Blessing on Black Women. We Are Survivors, and We Make a Way.’

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-born jazz artist Shacara Rogers is one of those rare talents whose passionate, soul-stirring performances have the ability to conjure up the deepest of feelings, reminding you of the unparalleled power of Black American music. She has performed with greats like Patti LaBelle and as part of Howard University’s Afro Blue. Learn more about Shacara Rogers’ journey, including what inspired her return to Christ-centered music, why “there is a special blessing on Black women,” and the surprising thing she needed to unlearn during her growth process.

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Flo Anito
Linc Bradham

Flo Anito: ‘Music Has Sat Beside Me On the Floor, My Best Friend, Holding My Hand, Offering Tissues, Reminding Me To Breathe’

“Music saved my life,” explains D.C.-based artist Flo Anito. “In my hardest times, music has sat beside me on the floor, my best friend, holding my hand, offering tissues, reminding me to breathe. Singer-songwriters like Ani DiFranco, Fiona Apple, and Jewel and artists like Nina Simone let me know I wasn’t alone in my pain or loneliness. Composers like Chopin, Ellington, and Gershwin were able to bear their souls through music in ways the spoken word could not convey, bending time and space to mirror the shape of emotion.” Learn more about Flo Anito’s exciting journey with contributing writer Linc Bradham.

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Son La Lucha
Charlie Maybee

Collective Musical Activism: Son La Lucha Uses Traditional Mexican Music as Catalyst for Social Justice

Combining a grassroots approach to social justice issues with a traditional style of Mexican music, Son La Lucha is a collective of activists who amass community gatherings and political protests through their music. The collective, which can span from 5-30 people at any given time, specializes in a specific regional style of folk music and dance called son jarocho. Learn more with contributing writer Charlie Maybee, including the distinct approach Son La Lucha uses to get their message across without releasing music for profit.

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