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Perro Sombra: Not Your Average Rock Band
Jaci Jedrych

Perro Sombra: Not Your Average Rock Band

Some bands have experience. Some bands have a fresh sound. And then there are some very special bands who have both, the kind of bands that make music that lasts forever. One of these bands is Perro Sombra. Join contributing writer Jaci Jedrych as she explores Wammie Award-winning rock band Perro Sombra’s roots, influences, and path forward. Learn the key component the band believes is crucial to allowing their music to resonate widely with national and international audiences.

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D.C. violinist Marvillous Beats fuses hip-hop and classical music
Cynthia Gross

Marvillous Beats: ‘People Look at Me as Bridging the Gritty Roots of Hip-Hop and Fusing It with This Super Classical Instrument’

Bronx, New York-born, D.C.-based violinist Marvillous Beats is no stranger to success. He’s produced songs for Tory Lanez, performed live with Wale, appeared with GoldLink on NPR Tiny Desk, and more. After only a few minutes with Marvillous Beats, you realize one of the secrets to his growing appeal exists in his warmth, authenticity, and ability to serve as a bridge. Learn more about Marvillous Beats’ journey, including how architecture influences his creative process, the effect of fatherhood on his art, and the role his Jamaican roots play in allowing him to inspire young Black males.

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D.C. jazz artist Integriti Reeves shares her story with contributing writer Eric Althoff
Eric Althoff

Despite Difficulties of the Pandemic, D.C.’s Reeves Keeps Her Integrity

D.C. native Integriti Reeves found jazz when she was in high school, describing herself as a “late bloomer” when it came to discovering the genre. Since then, she has blossomed as an artist, collaborating with some of the biggest names in music such as Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson. Learn more about Integriti’s story with contributing writer Eric Althoff, including how she perceives the D.C. music scene, her songwriting process, and the special thing she describes as her greatest joy in life.

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D.C. soul artist Akua Allrich shares her story, including a special commemorative project in the works
Cynthia Gross

Soul Artist Akua Allrich: ‘If You’re Not Happy with You, You Cannot Be Happy with Anyone Else’

D.C. soul artist Akua Allrich never intended to be a musician – and yet, she has proven herself to be an artist of extraordinary talent and crowd-moving passion. Often likened to legendary talents such as Nina Simone, Allrich has inspired countless artists throughout D.C. and across the world with her brilliant artistry and commitment to equity and justice. Learn more about Allrich’s journey, including her secret superpower, what identity means to her as a Black woman, her original career pathway, and a special commemorative project in the works that pays homage to her roots.

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AZTEC SUN - Union Stage 2019 - Good Foot Media - Jeremy Shanahan
Daniel Warren Hill

AZTEC SUN To Brighten DC Venues Once Again

As has been highlighted in this publication many times, musicians are some of the most adaptable and resilient people on the planet. However, in the last few years, even the most seasoned veterans of the industry have been put through what may prove to be the most trying times of their lives. The music industry is just as volatile as ever, and life is not easily navigated even without the threat of a global pandemic. For the members of AZTEC SUN, there have been major life transitions since the release of their 2018 album, “In The Name of Everyone.” Houses have been purchased, careers have been settled into, and children have been born. Still, the nine members of this Washington D.C. ‘Funk with Soul’ band continue to create, producing their forthcoming album in isolation (in stark contrast to their last endeavor), and preparing to debut many of these songs live in the coming months.

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Keith Valcourt

Information Society’s Paul Robb: ‘What’s On Your Mind Now?’

“Pure Energy.” “Pure Energy.” If you hear those words spoken by the late Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy as his character Mr. Spock over a 1980s new wave dance pop beat and you get excited, then you already know Information Society. Join contributing writer Keith Valcourt as he chats with Information Society keyboardist and percussionist Paul Robb to discuss the band’s latest album, “ODDfellows,” the burdens and blessings of having a massive hit, why roller skating and rock shows are a bad combination, and more.

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