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ZEVY and Sam Vesso Thinks Back to, “When This Started”

The Alchemist

ZEVY is a 22-year-old producer and songwriter from the suburbs of Boston. He started playing piano at a young age and fell in love with EDM when he first heard Kygo’s remixes on SoundCloud in the heyday of high school. Over the past few years, ZEVY has developed his addictive sound by integrating melodic guitar into euphoric drops and captivating choruses.

During college, ZEVY blew up in the Boston area by playing at universities and nightclubs such as Venu, Royale, and Icon. He has amassed millions of streams across all platforms and has received artist support from the likes of Timeflies, The Chainsmokers, and most recently, Two Friends who featured ZEVY on their SiriusXM radio show “Friendly Sessions.”

His newest track is called, “Back When This Started” and the song is a hit for sure. It features some extremely catchy percussions that lead up to the drop where ZEVY lays down a memorable lead line. Sam Vesso and ZEVY seem to really complement each other all throughout the track, as this could be a great song for working out or going on a run on a nice day. Check out the track below.

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The Alchemist

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