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Young RJ Takes Us On A “World Tour” for New Music Friday

Join the “World Tour” with Young RJ for this week’s New Music Friday. We add new music every day, but we add lots of new music on Friday! You can expect every single one of these tracks to offer something unique and emotive and I hope you are inspired to find more music from these artists on your favorite listening platform. Follow these artists. Hit ’em up on social media and tell them Alchemical sent you. Dig deep because these artists’ catalogs are worth it. Find this and more excellent music on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture Playlist on Spotify and YouTube.

“World Tour” is the latest single from rapper/producer Young RJ. It’s also the title track and opening track from his brand new full-length album of the same name. Using out of this world imagery provided by Vice Souletric the song features Pete Rock and Rebel Kuzco of Rosewood 2055 (who appear on the bonus track, “Lucky”). The album is 11 tracks of collaborative material that begins with “This type love I cannot let that go,” which expertly prepares listeners for the reminders throughout the rest of the album that you are loved, worth being loved, and to love yourself. World Tour is a masterclass in merging elements of rap, hip-hop, trap, R&B, and soul that could only come from the protege of the late, great J Dilla. Having earned production credits on songs by 50 Cent, Proof (of D12), and Little Brother; entrusted with continuing the legacy of Detroit’s legendary Rap group Slum Village; Young RJ’s solo career is beginning to come into its own, and the material is as personal as it is professional.

“I missed being out there with the fans performing,” says Young RJ. “It felt right to title [the album ‘World Tour’]. There were so many things going on all over the world while recording, it was hard to focus… To take my mind away from the news of everything that was going on around me – capitol riots, missing family members, not being able to see them, etc.–I put all my focus into being creative… [This album] captures everything I was dealing with (good and bad) between 2020 and 2021… it was therapy for me”

Don’t Let “World Tour” be the end of your World Tour. Listen to the full album on Spotify.

Ethereal and ghostly is how I would describe the beginning of “Laced” by electro-pop artist, daddi. The song seeks to discover what makes someone so addictive while comparing interpersonal relationships with a drug. “I wonder what you’re laced with” is the metaphor indicating that the other individual is perhaps holding something back about themselves. Produced by Halo Boy (Good Charlotte, siiickbrain, Sk8, Phem), “Laced” will be part of a full EP release scheduled for 2023.

“Opium Boy” was the name older children assigned to neofolk artist ka lok during high school. In reference to his Chinese heritage and to the opium problem that China had suffered during the 17th – 20th century. “The song is about my anxiety during the height of covid lockdown in 2020, as well as the resurgence of racism I had not felt since I was in high school. I remember processing the rising xenophobia I had seen directed toward Chinese people on social media in the summer of 2020. This brought back memories of being uncomfortable with being Chinese in my hometown.” The track carries incredible weight, being transparent emotionally and lyrically and having that electronic edge on it makes it reminiscent of the work associated with Maynard James Keenan.

Troy Austin takes us to the darkest reaches of our psyche in “Monsters In My Mind.” Fans of Imagine Dragons will appreciate the epic scale and proportions. “Monsters In My Mind was written while I was struggling with anxiety,” says Austin. “I grew angry with not being able to sleep and not knowing what was causing the anxiety that was keeping me up at night.” Austin’s debut single,  “Monsters In My Mind” is launching with a MTV placement and music video by Toronto based director Dragan Andic/the.97. If you like this tack then you’ll be glad to know it is just the beginning; with this and other tracks contributing to a forthcoming EP.

“Mackerel Sky” is a song that sings about simple pleasures while bringing those vibes out clearly to the forefront. The funky groove exudes joy throughout, with chill vibes and lyrics that “express someone’s desire of being able to live practically and efficiently while realising their nature somehow very often leads to day dreaming and not having a clear plan.” Family habits is comprised of Ivano and Mark Borgazzi, a father and son on a neo-soul mission. The song is incredibly dynamic throughout and highlights the incredible writing and arrangement talents. Produced by BGO from Batsumi Studio, featuring Jason Boyd on Bass and Emiliano Vernizzi on Sax, “Mackerel Sky” emphasizes the individual musicians’ profound yet playful, warm personalities and really brings out their distinctive voices.

“Breathe” is the cinematic new single by Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist Izzy Strigel. “After the breakup, a lot of emotions and clarity flushed forward, and the only way I knew how to process it was to write about it,” explains Strigel. The exotic instrumentation merges with Strigel’s haunting vocals and the kick of the bass drum to fuse the song’s powerful message with a colorful range of tones and melodies. Co-written by Strigel and Anthony Kayser, also known as Kaijac, who also produced the track, the song mirrors Strigel’s personal experience with feeling trapped in a relationship with a past lover. In spite of the heavy subject matter, the track creates an inviting and welcoming atmosphere. Perhaps intended to provide a light at the end of the tunnel for individuals who might also feel trapped in their current relationships.

London artist Barny Fletcher has yet another radiant new single, “Intergirlactic.” Describing the track, Fletcher notes: “I was scrolling through beats made by this producer called MBWAV. I found him on Youtube. Work is crazy good. The word intergalactic itself was one that I was desperate to use before anyone else did. I was honestly surprised that Jamiroquai Or Pharrell hadn’t taken it already. I think I wrote about six songs called intergirlactic before I came to this one.” Jamiroquai vibes are all over this song, and I also felt Justin Timberlake would have enjoyed the tongue-twisting lyricism counterbalanced with bursts of sweet serenading. “Intergirlactic” is a precursor to Barny’s forthcoming new mixtape, JETPACK, due out October 19.

“I Won’t Know” is a bare-bones production that delivers a haunting atmosphere reflecting on the aftermath of a broken relationship, the lingering feelings, and coping with loneliness. Produced by Grammy-nominee Trevor James Anderson, “I Won’t Know” is reminiscent of Adele and LÉON, as well as DC area songstress Stephanie Mathias. The honest and forthcoming nature of the lyrics rests on an elegant piano chord progression telling the story of Dani Kristina’s personal journey in rediscovering her identity and reflecting on the complexities of the mind when dealing with matters of the heart. We have had the pleasure of sharing a number of Dani Kristina’s tracks in the past, including songs from her debut EP “Aura.” Her diverse musical talents have contributed to being recognized as Mississauga Music’s Best New Solo Artist of 2020, Mississauga Music’s Fan Choice of 2021 and Dropout Entertainment’s winner of the Best Pop Video of 2020.

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