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YellowTieGuy’s “Misery” Misnomer

The Alchemist

Washington D.C. area alternative rock band YellowTieGuy can be a tough nut to crack. They have roots in folk and rock but pull from a variety of genres and influences that provide each song with its own musical footprint. Even the title for the band’s third single, “Misery,” may be a bit misleading. Released late last month, the song’s lyrical intentionals are based on the concept that there is a great big world filled with all kinds of people, and our decisions should be founded in doing right by others (sometimes requiring sacrificing something of ourselves). The track is slated to appear on YellowTieGuy’s forthcoming third studio album The Inevitable Unexpected, and the music video was directed and produced by the band’s bassist, Jamie Rasmussen.

The Alchemist

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