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Yarni & Give Me Monaco Collaboration “Parenthesis” is Cinematic and Stirring

Sheffield-based multi-instrumentalist & producer Yarni (AKA Benjamin Harris) and Oxford-based electronic musician and abstract artist Give Me Monaco (AKA Leigh Redding) collaborate together on a stirring and cinematic new album, “Parenthesis.” 

Yarni & Give Me Monaco - Parenthesis album art

Consistent readers will find that, as a general rule, Alchemical Records doesn’t often share instrumental music. Often, especially for singles, the addition of vocals as an instrument and lyrics as an opportunity to convey meaning contribute so much to the potential conversation about a song and its ability to impact and move listeners.

While not every song on “Parenthesis” is completely vocal free, the bulk of the album is an atmospheric soundscape embellished by rhythmic metamorphoses and tastefully placed guitar. Individual songs deliver delicate nuances all their own, while expertly enclosing listeners within the environment offered by the album as a whole. “Parenthesis” is something of a departure for Yarni, known for his jazz infused sounds, as the album explores these more electric-driven sonic landscapes.

Given that the album is such a treat to enjoy in its entirety, audiences will connect with “Hold” featuring vocalist Emily Marks which is perhaps the most pop/house-influenced offering on the album. “Plucked and Struck” highlights a more Afro-Latin vibe, supported by flutters of flutes and blowing chimes. Songs further down the track listing like “Rike” stand out as something that could appeal to gaming audiences even though it is entirely void of 8-bit or 16-bit tones. “Shroud” uses a muted guitar picking pattern in a creatively melodic way that adds to the song’s mysterious resonance.

Find “Parenthesis” on Spotify and wherever you enjoy listening to fine music.

Daniel Warren Hill

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