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Hello again! we wanted to let you know about what we’re doing to improve the site, and some things that will be coming up next!
We updated our artist section to tell you a little bit about our artists and other places on the web that you can check them out. We also began setting up a portfolio for our various professionals who offer their services to our artists and are now offering their services to clients of ours, such as yourselves. We are starting with a couple of photographers who are passionate at capturing the essence of musicians and performers, and we will begin to include other professionals such as engineers, studios, and graphic designers. In the future we will also be providing links to examples of some of our work in web design to help you get a feel for our full capabilities. On our Facebook Page, we’re sharing photographs of our Annual Music Industry Seminar which took place at Calvert Library in Prince Frederick, MD on July 27th, 2013 (, but once we’ve shared them all on our Facebook Page we will make a new gallery for them here on the site. Hope you enjoy! Rock on!