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Washington DC’s Capitol Groove Collective Invites Listeners to Dig Deep in the Fight For Social Injustice

The Capitol Groove Collective, made up of various contributors from Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, just released their first collaborative effort in response to a climate of political upheaval, disagreements on basic human rights, police brutality, and a pandemic in the hopes that music will continue to be effective in delivering a message of hope and strength for the people.

Capitol Groove Collective (CGC) is a diverse community of creatives whose strength lies in the vast array of genre, gender, and ethnicity of artists involved in the mission of bringing DC music to the national stage. The collective was founded by Goddess-rocker Emma G and is co-managed by rock musician YellowTieGuy and pop-rock, singer-songwriter SOLIA. CGC consists of nine other creatives from the DC metropolitan region in total, including: Billy Mayfield (soul), Music Giff (country-soul), Jarreau Williams (R&B), Silence Echoez (rock), Jonny Grave (rock), Nick DePinto (country-rock), Stephanie Mathias (classical pop), Ting Lin (Spanish/Mandarin pop-fusion), and Josh Roberts (music producer). For more about Capitol Groove Collective, visit their website at

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