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Walk The High Road and find a “Brand New You”

Canadian country rock band, The High Road has just released its first single of 2023, “Brand New You.”

Formed in 2016 by Don Scott and Ron Fathers and joined by Richard Fathers, Dave Martin, and Greg Frank, The High Road released its first EP, Renaissance Man in 2018, but 2022 was the year for back to back new releases with a series of singles (9 in total) that began with “Sundown” and ended with “Square With The House.”

“Brand New You” continues to highlight The High Road’s charismatic songwriting. Each member of the band has ample experience writing, recording, and performing with previous bands and other projects. It doesn’t hurt at all that each member is able to sing lead as well as harmonies; The High Road is often praised for its lush vocal arrangements. Its members are also prolific enough to contribute more than one instrument to the band’s sound.

Don Scott is signed to a Nashville publishing deal with Audigram Inc and also harnesses his creativity as an airbrush artist (hockey masks) and acrylic painter. Ron Fathers is a student of the visual arts and is also a session musician for a number of independent artists. Richard, or Rick Fathers, is a prolific songwriter who has written incidental music for independent films and has a rich history performing with various bands; When Dave Martin isn’t songwriting and making music, he can be found reading or sleeping (his other passions). Greg Frank has been playing drums since he was 8 years old, and his favorite drummers are yours too: John Bonham, Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland, and Greg’s older brother, Randall.

“Brand New You” is a dynamic and uptempo track with twangy guitar riffs, a rhythm section that sits sweetly in the pocket, and a smile-forming sound that offsets lyrics about making do without your sweetheart, “Girl I’m lost without a clue and I can’t make a brand new you.”

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