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Virginia Couple Red Flower Lake Writes Song Inspired by Love

by The Alchemist

“We can’t be in that kind of vulnerable, intimate space in music if we’re not actually creating it in our lives.” — Red Flower Lake


This straightforward and monumental intention is the mission for Red Flower Lake, a musical partnership between Virginia artists Abel and Rahimah Wright, who happen to be husband and wife. Since they were teenagers they have been making music together, but after more than two decades of collaboration, Red Flower Lake marks a newfound clarity and confidence, a coming into being.


Red Flower Lake is lush, heady electro-pop. Aloe vera for our dried-out hearts. Sweeping melodies and understated yet complex soundscapes. These songs are open doors to a relationship: two people who know each other about as well as two humans can, singing to the other, about each other, offering a brave and heartfelt depiction of the territories they have survived and navigated together. It’s all here: intimacy and distance, heartbreak and ecstasy. Vulnerability, insecurity and courage.

Their newest track is called, “Baby Don’t Go”, and it will take you on a spiritual journey while listening. The vocals remind us of Lana Del Ray, while the instrumental portion has some hidden inspiration of psych-pop in our opinion.  

When asked about the song they said, “”Baby Don’t Go” is inspired by our love. The song exposes the complexity of relationships. It speaks to how simple acts (like “one more kiss” , or “flowers on my birthday”) can bring us back into the vibration of love. 

When we find ourselves on the edge, (the stakes are always high) we choose to go deeper, fall harder, love bigger.”


Check out the track below.

The Alchemist

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