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Virginia Based Band The Flops Drops,”Dead Man”

by The Alchemist

The Flops, a trio formed in Staunton Virginia in 2018 combines bluesy fuzz with foot tapping rock. Frontman, Tony Boll, gnarls out his lyrics with a raspy tone while bassist, Preston Fauver, and drummer, Manny Rey, hold down that sweet rhythm section. They’ve been cutting their time between Virginia and New York City, playing such venues as: The Bowery Electric, Pianos and Rockwood Music Hall. Their three new singles are being released starting May 2020.

Their newest track is called, “Dead Man” and it is the essence of indie rock. It combines elements of new age classic rock, with almost an indie psychedelic rock feel. The vocals will bring chills to your spine, as the guitar riffs will make you want to stand up and dance. When asked about the song Tony Boll says, “This is a song about trying to live! Trying to NOT be a dead man”, and we knew exactly what they meant as soon as we started listening. Check out the track below.

The Alchemist

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