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Virginia Artist FK Lee says, It’s “All Good”

by The Alchemist

Since growing up as a youth between the Hopewell and Petersburg area in VA, FK Lee has been a musician at heart. His singing at a young age soon expanded to a love of putting the words together as well and birthed a songwriter with stories to tell and feelings to get off his chest. His upbringing is similar to many other music lovers; a young man raised by a village of family members in a small area with a curious mind and mischief awaiting at every turn. This created a well-rounded hustler at a young age with big dreams and plans to get it by any means. He spent time singing in churches and school choirs where his love for performing grew. He took full advantage of those opportunities by performing from state to state, winning tournaments and awards, and honing his craft in all aspects. He used those talents to secure a spot as the drum major of the award-winning Hopewell High School marching band.

Since graduating and chasing the dreams and goals he has set for himself, Lee has experienced a great deal of hardship and tragedy from the loss of those close to him including and most importantly, his first born child. Traumatic experiences from being face to face with death, to fighting for his survival while incarcerated, have molded FK Lee into the man you see today. For Lee, things are a daily struggle but he doesn’t let that slow down the hustler that lives inside him that’s determined to make it. He lives with the constant pain of a tragic past but refuses to let it define him or his situation in life. No matter what he has to do, he’s determined to make a way and get to the goals he has set for himself with music and life alike.

His newest track is titled, “All Good” and it got us moving! The beat is very bouncy, and the flow is addictive. The track has a 2000’s Nelly or Ja Rule type of feel as FK takes the approach of not being too hard to love while understanding that it is indeed hard to love. All in all, he’s left speechless about what to say about the battles he’s facing with living and loving, but is here with a love letter to provide some reassurance that it’ll always be “All Good.” Check out the track below.

The Alchemist

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