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Vandalye Puts Out “Blame The Record” to Lighten Everyones’ Moods.

by The Alchemist

Formed in Dubai consisting of identical twins Lucas and Thomas McCone and lead singer Scott Attew, Vandalye have seen a quick rise in their music career. After being the opening acts for music giants like Sir Elton John and Lionel Richie, Vandalye released their debut album Cigarettes & Minarets in February 2020. They have made huge strides since first beginning. 


Despite hitting several Spotify Editorials with their first album, ‘Vandalye’ have decided to go for a bigger and heavier sound with their upcoming EP. With Lucas composing music for feature films on the side he wants to incorporate film music to Vandalye’s sound with big synths and ambient guitars. Vandalye are set to release their 1st single from their upcoming EP on the 24th which will be produced by the band themselves.. 

The newest release from Vandalye is called, “Blame The Record.” It is a synth movement that highlights anxiety and depression on a day to day basis. With the music constantly building throughout the song, it eventually reaches a final big scream as a release of all the tension and frustration that one might feel. This “final big scream” is like a release of all bad thoughts, and really relaxes the listener. This song is a great song to pick up someone who has been going through some struggles in their life recently. It makes one reminisce on some of the best times of their life. Check it out below. 

The Alchemist

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