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Trevor Lee Drops, “Contagious Views”

Best known for his viral Barber Shop Freestyle, where Trevor quickly earned the love of over 1M YouTube viewers and 2.2M TikTok users, we’re excited to announce his next hit “Contagious Views”, slated to release on Friday 8/28. As a continuation of his viral success in the music industry, “Contagious Views” takes place in his hometown barber shop of Huntsville, AL. On the surface, Trevor’s rhetoric feels like a direct reference to our current pandemic: “Passion ain’t contagious, confusion is”. But when you take a closer look, he acknowledges the confusion that results from so much passion being thrown in a multitude of directions; informed or not, it’s a lot more than we’re used to taking in. Nobody could have seen 2020 coming; our nation grapples with sweeping anxiety, causing hate and pain to reach the surface of a ship that’s already sinking.


“Contagious Views” is meant to encourage active listening and critical thinking during an intensely emotional time. Our freedom has become our demise; in the track, Trevor says “Social distance ain’t solution, it’s preventative”. It would be easy for us not to confront issues head on or to tiptoe around the truth, but that never leads to progress.With a style closely compared to rappers Nipsey Hustle, Russ & Roddy Rich, Trevor’s approachable style delivers a heartfelt edge and relatable lyrics. “Contagious Views” brings the more subtle points to the surface with lyrics like “A heart always match who you give it to,” implying that the energy you surround yourself with will undoubtedly affect both your mind and body, two things that should be strongly preserved during quarantine.


As we listened to this track, we were in awe with his flow and lyricism from beginning to end. His songwriter skills are top notch, as he really finds a way to connect with his listeners, and draw them in to think about what he wants to say. The video is also very creative, and we can see why he has gained as much popularity as he has in recent times. Check out the video below.

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