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Topnotch Drops, “Who We Are”

by The Alchemist

South Carolina born rapper/songwriter Topnotch has been making a name for himself globally with his powerhouse vocals, thought provoking lyricism, and captivating performances. His message of Unity, and his authentic ability to translate this message with music is captivating audiences worldwide.

Topnotch is currently based in Suffolk, Virginia, where he’s become the premier artist on the independent label ThompsonsMusicGroup. No stranger to music, he has collaborated with numerous artist, from Virginia to Tennessee, while still honing his skills and lyrical delivery. After the death of his mother, Topnotch took a break from music all together, but was encouraged by his mentor and other label mates, to get back in the studio, and put his feelings to the music.

His debut single is called, “Who We Are” and it has some very unique production and singings. In Topnotches’ words, “Who We Are, depicts life as we know it today. Full of harsh realities, and truth.” When listening to his lyricism really captivates the listener and makes them want to really listen to the words he’s saying in detail.  It has an amazing hard-hitting bassline, and even has a Michael Jackson quote in it! Check it out below.

The Alchemist

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