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Thyra Hilden Releases Brand New EP TRAPPED IN DREAMS

By Daniel Warren Hill

Indie Pop / Electro Pop artist Thyra Hilden has just released her debut EP about living in an illusion, TRAPPED IN DREAMS.

Her debut single, “TOUCH,” released earlier this year has an edgy pop sound contrasted by the slower, darker, more ethereal closing track, “DUST,” written in memory of Hilden’s brother who tragically took his own life after 24 years of schizophrenia. The whole EP is in dedication to him; relating the way his illness blurs the lines of reality to the various themes introduced by each song. The title track, “TRAPPED IN DREAMS” explores the ways we experience time differently in our dreams and in our memories even when compared to the relativity of time in the waking world. “BLIND LOVE” is a complex exploration of how our perceptions of the world, or worlds, around us can affect our relationships as well as other areas impacted by blind devotion.

“Love and loneliness are basically chemical processes in the brain and body, and this knowledge creates a slightly absurd twist to joy, longing and devotion.” – Thyra Hilden

While Hilden’s lyrics are expressed in a melancholic tone, the general feel of the music of TRAPPED IN DREAMS is both lively and low-key; danceable, but also easy listening. It feels easily adaptable to a variety of situational contexts from hanging out with friends to studying, driving, or even falling asleep. The songs are dynamic, but really hold you in the environments they place you in without jarring you out of the dreamlike state. Enter the dreamlike state from the beginning, with the opening track “SYNERGY TWIN” and as the song says, “Keep magic alive” and take the time to experience this moment by checking out the whole EP, which Hilden hopes will bring attention to mental illness, understanding those suffering from it, and provide encouragement to families supporting those with mental illness; especially for those from her home in Denmark.

Featured on BBC, CNN, and REUTERS, Hilden hints that another EP, LUCID, may soon be forthcoming with a dreamier more acoustic nature akin to artists such as Men I Trust and The Marias, but TRAPPED IN DREAMS is already in your wheelhouse if you are a fan of Billie Eilish, Cannons, Gracie Abrams, and The Weekend. Check out “SYNERGY TWIN” below and find it on your favorite platforms as well as on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture playlist on Spotify.

Daniel Warren Hill

Daniel Warren Hill is an American musician, writer, and motivational speaker. He is best known as the frontman for Washington DC area Alternative Rock band YellowTieGuy, as co-founder of Capitol Groove Collective, and increasing the exposure of artists on a global scale through his work with Alchemical Records. 

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