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The Alchemist

Maryland’s threeeyedmouse is nothing short of an amalgamation of every aspect of hip-hop, music and the industry alongside it. Threeeyedmouse brings it all to the table, raps he’s got that, mixing and mastering, he’s got that. Combine this with his ability to create a combination of varied soundscapes is astounding. From sampling Anita Baker to, creating a clubhouse banger for your weekend party and everything in between, threeeyedmouse does it all on a high level. With collaborations spanning all genres and an appeal that continues to grow, threeeyedmouse is set to take over this decade. As the Maryland hero is getting set to release his debut album, now is the time to get hip to one of the most diverse forces we have right now.


Born in Prince George’s County, threeeyedmouse was immediately thrust into the world of music sealing his destiny. From the jump, his uncle was an event curator and ran Rough, Rugged and Raw a label started in the Bronx, further threeeyedmouse’s cousin is Wu-Tang’s own Redman. “I was always surrounded by hiphop as well as other various types of music.” threeeyedmouse says. At age 10, the young prodigy took up the trombone all through middle school before taking interest in the electric guitar. Through high school, threeeyedmouse’s interest continued to blossom, he’d start a band called Auto Da-Fe, they’d play numerous shows on the East Coast. Years later after some changes, the band changed their name. “We’d refined our sound and lineup to the point where it was nearly unrecognizable from where we started in 2011 – so we changed our name to VO/ID (meaning No Void). Threeeyedmouse’s range and willingness to discover and learn about other genres of music would heavily influence the art of his career moving forward.


Range, versatility, eclectic are the keywords when it comes to describe threeeyedmouse’s artistry. Between family influence and his own experimentation, it is impossible to force him into a lane or box. When you look through the Maryland artist’s discography there’s a myriad of sounds to fit a variety of moods. “My music is very psychedelic, chaotic, and dissonant, yet also beautiful and serene at times and often in between both.” threeeyedmouse says. “Ultimately, I would like to combine the sounds of both projects (threeeyedmouse + VO/ID) into a comfortable middle ground.”


His newest track is called, “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE” and it features some very unique production (that he actually also produced himself). He states that the song is “an almost 5 minute exercise in self-analyzation” as the song challenges the listener to think of themselves. The song goes through different phases as Threeyedmouse states that, “the soundscapes are constantly shifting as the Maryland native tries to make sense of himself.”

Check out the track below.

The Alchemist

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