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The Lindsley Brothers Are Ready to “React”

The Alchemist

The Lindsley Brothers are two brothers from Arlington, VA. Their music was created from years of contemplation and Musical experimentation to make it where they are today. They seek to be a positive influence on those who listen to their music and to always bring hope rather than despair. They hope that people might actually change for the good and they know good music has the ability to encourage that. Join them in this mission and help share the message of hope in this rough world by checking out their newest track, “React”

“React” has a funky feeling to it, but it has some elements of pop which make it incredibly catchy. It reminds us of a song that could be featured on a commercial where the listener tends to catch themselves singing it throughout the whole day without noticing. This song is about the awkwardness within a middle school potential romance. It follows the story of clearly unreturned affection and attempts to get that person to notice who you are.

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The Alchemist

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