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The J.O.B. – Transmutation Transmission

The Alchemist

Jim, Jason, Jared, and Brian join Andy Reed for another exciting episode of Alchemicast! This RVA (Richmond, VA) rock and roll quartet has experienced recent lineup adjustments and is feeling perfectly fine with the evolution of the sound and experience The J.O.B. has transmuted into. The band talks about why wine is like 4 Loko for adults, the unique sound that comes from an eclectic array of influences, why having a great producer and audio engineer is such an integral part of the quality of their recorded and live audio; which has resulted in radio airplay across multiple markets throughout the country, making them Virginia’s ‘Top 40’ Charting Independent Band.

Featured Song: “Broken Heart” by The J.O.B
*Released as a dual single along with “Criminal” in February, 2021.

For more about The J.O.B. visit

Hosted by Andy Reed
Produced by Daniel Warren Hill
Edited, Mixed, and Mastered by Daniel Warren Hill

Intro/Outro Music: “Dreaming” by YellowTieGuy
(Hill/Schmitt. Endurance Match. ASCAP. 2016)

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The Alchemist

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