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The J.O.B. Partners with Firehouse Theatre in SOUND OF THE GUNS

Jim O’Ferrell and The J.O.B. join forces in the musical theatre production of SOUND OF THE GUNS, eponymously named after the 1995 track from the Richmond band’s 2015 album, Portraits.

Sound of the Guns World Premiere Musical by Jim O'Ferrell with the J.O.B. - official event poster
Sound of the Guns - official event poster

Virginia’s ‘Top 40’ charting independent recording artist The J.O.B., or Jim O’Ferrell Band expands their sphere of influence into the world of musical theater with a rock concert experience as the band performs songs O’Ferrell wrote while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and, subsequently, as a veteran. Meanwhile, actors portray “two long days in a soldier’s life — one in 2006 as an active duty U.S. Army Sergeant in the Iraq War, and ten years later in 2016 as a veteran back in the U.S,” says Firehouse Theatre.”

“The title of this unique concert production comes from a military saying that if you get lost on the battlefield you should move toward the sound of the guns.” It also happens to be the title of a song released by The J.O.B. on their 2015, album, Portraits. “Sound of the Guns” is anthemic; inspiring, and keenly aware. The drums provide a sense that rounds are indeed firing, while the melody is smooth and lends a sense of soaring.

This blend of disciplines is sure to add an even greater sense of depth and emotion.

“Sound of the Guns” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. SOUND OF THE GUNS will perform 10 shows on select dates from June 22 thru July 14. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

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