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The Feelings Parade Acknowledges the World is “A Lot to Hold” in New Song feat. Cassandra Lewis

Songwriters Morgan Bolender and Scott Ferreter, otherwise known as indie rock duo The Feelings Parade, have released their new emotional track, “A Lot to Hold” (feat. Cassandra Lewis), along with an aesthetically pleasing lyric video. The song comes from their recent album Let It Move You, which came out on Aug. 19.

In discussing the album title tied to the song, they said, “These days, it’s becoming more and more rare that people make room for music to really move them. The album title is a line that comes from our song, ‘A Lot To Hold,’ when we were trying to describe the pain of living in this modern world with the lyrics that read: the pain in your heart, that’s the truth moving through. Will you stomp it down, or let it move you?; The song feels like the thesis of the album.”

“A Lot to Hold” is catchy and inviting, with smooth vocals and instrumentals. “For both the sax solo and the vocal solo, it was really intense to try to convey the depth of the pain that we wanted expressed. Both Cassandra Lewis (vocal solo) and Rob Gibboni (sax), broke our hearts with what they played,” they said. 

The strings and sax add even more elements that set this deep and emotional song apart. It is relatable. 

“We were having a really rough day on the anniversary of Scott’s dad’s death, and found ourselves sitting on a cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean. Morgan proposed that we write a song naming all of the bullsh*t that makes it so hard to be human. This song was our attempt to unflinchingly look into the eyes of the beast.”

Their lyrics breathtakingly hit right to the heart, talking about the weight of the world’s events going around us and how they affects us: “Don’t blame yourself my darling, for the shape this world has you in / it’s a twisted thing and you were just woven through / if you feel like poison, that’s cause it’s poisoning you”. 

The lyric video consists of aesthetically pleasing city skylines and follows planes and helicopters among nature’s skies. Watch the video here, and find more exciting new music on our Alchemical Multigenre Mixdown playlist on YouTube and Spotify

Alchemical Records contributor Emma Page

Emma Page

Emma Page, a recent Journalism graduate of The George Washington University, possesses a passion for music journalism and storytelling in all its forms. Originally from Baltimore, MD, when she is not writing, she can be found at a local concert or making music of her own.

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