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“The Dream” by Ben DeHan Kicks of New Music Friday 10/14

Baltimore pop-punk alumnus Ben DeHan of American Diary renown documents his return to his roots with “The Dream” in this week’s New Music Friday. We’ll also be checking out music from Mike Freund, The Horn, Dead Posey, Jonathan Sparks, Phil., and Courtney McKenna. Just like you’ve come to expect, every single one of these songs has that little something special about it that is sure to embellish your weekend and beyond, and you can find this and more fantastical new music on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture playlist on Spotify and YouTube

The music video for “The Dream” by Ben DeHan matches the passion and frustration of his latest single. Directed and edited by Andrew Hall of Gingy Productions, the video brings the pinks, yellows, and blues on the album art and mentioned in the song into the visual space through a combination of visual and digital effects. Meanwhile, Ben and Lauren DeHan rock out their guitar and cello parts as paint splashes around the set. It’s a beautiful complement to the song’s tongue and cheek observations of the music industry and the corporate world from the perspectives spoken of by DeHan and AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer who sings the song’s bridge. The song is one of three tracks you can find on Ben’s forthcoming EP, produced by Sam Pura (State Champs, Story So Far).

I’m a big fan of this merger of classis and modern sounds captured by New Jersey stadium rocker Mike Freund in “Run Baby Run”. Approachable if you’re a fan of rock, country, or all the places those roads intersect, “Run Baby Run” has a real ‘let’s hit the highway’ kind of vibe that you can even dance to. Maintaining an energy level of 11 throughout, the balanced mix of the instruments is only broken by a tasteful guitar solo worth running toward. 

“Do It Now” is a call to action by The Horn. A personable, emotive, and meaningful track that begs the question, ‘What are we waiting for?’ “Do It Now” is airy and resonating with ups and downs that are meant, on the one side, to prod listeners, while offering encouragement on the other.

Former Friends of Gavin member Nick True and multi-instrumentalist Danny Monk, join the talents of singer and guitarist Jonny Taylor, keyboardist Ed Cox and drummer Alex Moorse to create the band’s distinct British indie rock-pop sound.

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Dead Posey proves exactly how the power of a good song is its timelessness. Their version “Blue Monday” released by New Order in 1983 could easily be the version that the modern generation could rediscover and make its own again like what Orgy did with the track in 1998.

In discussing the single, Danyell Souza (lead singer) and Tony F. (guitarist/multi-instrumentalist) said, “We thought it was time to give this song a 2022 update, so we took some inspiration from both the original New Order track and Orgy’s version while putting our spin on it and flipping the arrangement. We’ve loved playing this one live and are excited to get the recorded version released. We’ll be playing it in our set every night on tour this fall along with some unreleased songs that will be on our debut album.

If you enjoy this, I’d recommend the latest music video by DC’s dark rock band, Amulet. Their “Last Ditch (Stabbing Westward Remix)” music video debuted earlier today.

Phil. hits my feels with “Wait Until Tomorrow D3mo </3”. It’s beginnings are reminiscent of something one might hear on a love song by Boys II Men or All 4 One but progresses into elements of hip-hop and experimentalism that flow seamlessly from one environment into another. If you are an artist looking to bring multiple genres under the singular roof of a 3 minute single, look to Phil. to provide the inspiration on how to achieve that. Phil. has brought his worlds as a singer, rapper, and actor into incredible focus for listeners. About this song and his sounds, he says, “I wanted to create something that is a direct representation of my influence. I love 50s/60s music so I make a doo wop/r &b joint with a lil rap influence.”

Jonathan Sparks of Atlanta brings a positive and uplifting pop-rock proposal with “Marry Me to the World”. The song has spirit. With Sparks’ enthusiastic folky vocals and an Americana instrumentation that makes you feel all the warm and fuzzies the way we are sure was intended. Fans of Sparks should check out the Jon Tyler Wiley and His Virginia Choir from the DMV music scene. Sparks has had some incredible experiences throughout his already star studded career opening for Tom Petty and Santana and working with Ross Childress, former guitarist and producer for Collective Soul, as well as renowned producer Peter Barker. It’s exciting to imagine the sounds that will come next.

Inspired by ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ (the movie starring Nick Cage as well as the hit song performed by Sheryl Crow), songwriter and vocalist Courtney McKenna and director Glenn Harris create a beautiful visual and sonic representation of when “galaxies collide”. Contrasting the night lights of the city with remote desert locations, the glitz and the glamor reflect the harsher realities of nature. McKenna is inspired by the blues, surf rock, grunge, and select country songs and influnenced by artists such as Jefferson Airplane and the White Stripes.

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