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The Darkness Celebrates 20 Years of Permission to Land

British rock band The Darkness celebrate 20 years of debut album with a tour.

Do you remember The Darkness? Of course, you do! It was only a short 20 years ago when the British phenomenon crash-landed onto the music scene. Their hard rock classic Permission to Land ushered the band into insane popularity for years.

The darkness band photo
The Darkness - Photo courtesy of Simon Emmett

With an anniversary tour antics should always be expected but with a band like The Darkness, anything can go. Tickets are on sale now and the tour is promised to be jam-packed with nearly every track the band has ever released. The entirety of Permission to Land  will be played; As well as songs from their masterful six-album discography.

“When Permission to Land  landed, twenty short years ago, we were bathed in shock and awe. As if by magic, Rock wasn’t dead! Fun wasn’t banned! And Spandex was almost acceptable again…Well, guess what? Twenty years on, the same rules apply. So please squeeze yourselves into those inappropriate leggings, back-comb your mullet, splash on a big handful of attitude, and come celebrate with us! We promise everything and we deliver, every time. Bring on the next twenty! The Darkness. The best. For you. Forever” Hawkins said.

The tour passes through the DMV in late October but while anticipation builds for that event might we suggest some local acts to settle your music needs? If you want that iconic sound The Darkness brings try Maryland’s own Thrillkiller. Their sound follows a similar formula to The Darkness. Playing with the hard rock guitar riffs and growling yet melodic vocals they add an extra layer to their sound with a unique pop element. This surprise visit from the pop genre somehow manages to bring the entire group’s sound together. The inclusion of hard rock and pop is seamless and will surely knock your socks off.

Another band that can easily satiate your hunger for new music is the remarkable Pebbles Palace. This band was born out of the vast Richmond music scene. Pebbles Palace is reviving the psychedelic rock genre for me. Their debut album Long and Bygone Fame was released in mid-June of this year and I can’t get those tunes out of my head. Their sound is boundless as each member can pick up a new instrument at any time. Pebbles Palace is certainly worth the listen.

Bombenkinder is a band that needs little introduction. If you’re looking for that classic hard rock sound similar to The Darkness but with a grit and edge to it; Look no further than Bombenkinder. Straight out of Baltimore, Maryland, Bombenkinders sound is at the intersection of punk and indie rock. Riding the wave between the genres with groovy lyricism and sharp musicality.

The Darkness is a band born out of right pants and a love for rock and roll. These bands aren’t much different. Give them a listen while preparing for the epic return of The Darkness.

Find a live performance of “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms.

Contributing writer Kaiana Lee smiles for the camera wearing a paisley shirt and blue jeans.

Kaiana Lee

Kaiana Lee is a Journalism student at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. She has always had a passion for music and loves blending that passion with her love for storytelling. She loves going to DIY shows and practicing bass guitar.

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