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The Brown Keys ‘Hate It Here’

By Linc Bradham

Baltimore, MD, a city we all know and love in the DMV, has been having a huge resurgence in its music scene in recent years, and even more so now that the COVID-19 is starting to regress to hindsight. One of the newest groups to hop on the scene is The Brown Keys, blending hip-hop and house in a way that feels as fresh and innovative as anything we’ve heard thus far.

They just came onto our radar in May, and are sure to be a group that brings us enjoyment, thoughtfulness, and fun, all to the backdrop of a tapestry of grooves that make you want to

In their newest single, “Hate It Here,” The Brown Keys channel a house sound that would be at home in any 1980’s Detroit warehouse, a la Carl Cox or Frankie Knuckles, while still bringing forward an authenticity of hip-hop bars that speak to a difficult time of romance lost. When the piano solo kicks in after congas on an 808 bump and pulse to your eardrums, it’s hard to not just get up and start moving.

You can listen to “Hate It Here,” here, and be ready for much more from this promising group of polished and seasoned artists.

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Linc Bradham

Linc Bradham is an American multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, audio engineer, and songwriter originally from Savannah, GA. He has resided in the DMV for the last three years and has served in the active-duty Army for the last 12 years. He is in the process of switching Army careers into the Army Field Band as an audio engineering professional, with long-term goals of promoting music education in America and the Middle East.

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