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Tessa Elaina Celebrates New EP Both of Us —  August 5th Show

Following the release of her debut EP, The Both of Us, Tessa Elaina gets ready to perform at Arts Herndon on August 5th.

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Tessa Elaina - Aug 5 EP Release Show Poster

On July 26th, Tessa Elaina released her debut EP The Both of Us for the public to hear. However, the tracks themselves were completed long before that, in 2019. “Over these past 4 years I’ve used them as resources to lift me out of really dark places and I’m excited by the prospect of others now being able to do the same,” Elaina states on the event page.

The EP consists of heavily layered vocals and harmonies that are played over a balanced percussion heavy synths and acoustic guitar. The songs feature uplifting repetition, reminiscent of affirming mantras. Elaina’s personal practice of yogic studies is evident in both her lyricism and the instrumentals in her track.

This influence is most evident in the epic nine minute long closer of the EP, ‘Sat Nam Mantra’. The song drops the percussion that the other tracks have, and instead starts off with a soft layering of vocals that feel like breaths of fresh air over the distinct, calm ringing of  a meditation bell. The repetition evokes a savasana-esque trance that is nothing but pure calm.

Tessa Elaina sitting against a blue sky with her guitar in her lap and long grass in the foreground.
Tessa Elaina - Both of Us EP Cover

Elaina intends to further this mental calm and clarity in her shows by leading the audience in some body awareness techniques before the music starts. This intimate experience will further connect the listener to her music, which she has stripped down for this performance. Featuring a performance by singer-songwriter Lea Holz, the now sold out show is at Arts Herndon on August 5th!

The Both of Us is available now on major streaming platforms like Spotify, and Apple Music.

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