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Teresa Guidry Bares All in Confessional Single “Paris”

By Cynthia Gross

What if love isn’t enough? What happens when security doesn’t satisfy? Nashville-based country-pop artist Teresa Guidry explores these deep questions in her latest single “Paris.” The emotionally-charged, introspective ballad takes listeners to a familiar place at the crossroads of a relationship, where answers are unclear and options equally as alluring.

Full of elegance and yearning, “Paris” touches on the moment of uncertainty in life and love when you’re unsure of whether to hold tight to the predictable or let go for the thrill of adventure. The song paints an idealistic picture of two vastly different worlds – one with a “picket fence and a couple kids in a small town” and the other “on the hillside of Tuscany.” Lyrics including “I wanna live two lives” and “why can’t I have both?” show the speaker wants the best of both worlds.

“Paris” finds Teresa at the top of her game with a mature sound that continues to win over audiences. Since moving to Nashville, she’s had opportunities to write with Grammy-nominated songwriters and gain national exposure on NBC’s “The Voice.” “Paris” also landed a recent feature on CMT. Fans of Carrie Underwood will feel at home with Teresa’s poignant songwriting and compelling delivery.

“I hope that listeners are able to feel a piece of my heart when they hear the song “Paris,” explains Teresa. “I feel as though many people have felt this in their lives, and it can be a hard thing to admit.”

In a society that can feel overly curated, “Paris” is a welcome confession that invites honesty and allows listeners to show up as their authentic selves – no filter needed. Love is complicated. Even our own desires don’t always make sense to us. Perhaps this continuum of reconciling who we are and what we want is simply part of being human. We can’t have it both ways, and even still, “part of me wants this, and part of me wants Paris.” Clearly, this beautiful love story has no choice but to end in heartbreak.

Check out the video for Teresa Guidry’s “Paris” below. 

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Cynthia Gross

Maryland-based singer-songwriter Cynthia Gross seeks to inspire an awakening to all we are and all we can become. With a passion for language in all of its forms and more than a decade of experience as a professional ghostwriter, she is a light seeker who understands the power of each individual’s voice to create positive, meaningful change.

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