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Tally Schwenk and Devon Rea Drop, “Drawing Lines”

by The Alchemist

Tally Schwenk is an artist that currently lives in the DMV area, but she was actually born in Russia and raised in Montclair, NJ. Her music blends contemporary R&B with chillpop, creating a soulful and emotional vibe. From love songs to mental health empowerment, she writes from a place of vulnerability hoping to help heal those are in need of a light.


She recently teamed up with Devon Rea, a multi-genre producer from Fort Worth, TX, and created their newest track titled, “Drawing Lines.” The production on this song is incredibly relaxing, and very crisp. The vocals and lyricism bring the song to life with an immense amount of passion and emotion. This is a great song to listen too as you relax after a long day. Check it out below.

The Alchemist

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