Talk of the Town: DC Music Rocks Festival, August 17th, Part III

Los Empresarios

By Dylan Nuamann

Get up and shimmy your way to the dance floor because Los Empresarios is about to grace the stage at the DC Music Rocks Festival with their high energy Latin grooves. The group Los Empresarios has been embarking on a sonically diverse journey for years. Touring through Puerto Rico, appearing on numerous Puerto Rican TV shows and showcasing one of their hit songs, “Sabor Tropical” on the 2012 FIFA video game has kept their energy at an all-time high. Blending multiple genres together such as hip-hop, salsa, cumbia, alternative and house creates a one-of-kind sound in the world of Latin alternative music.

The 8-piece band is based in Arlington, VA. All eight members bring their own unique flavor and experience to the music, especially during live performances. The abundance of genres that are blended throughout their music is justified by the rich diversity that’s represented in the band. From African American, Asian American, Puerto Rican, and Caucasian, the group casts a multi-cultural experience that vibrates throughout the DC area and beyond. Be sure to check out their music here and see their set at the D.C Rock Festival on August 17th

Dylan Naumann

Dylan Naumann is a freelance musician, composer, writer, and improviser. Born and raised in Towson, Maryland, he’s currently finishing up his degree from Towson University for jazz commercial performance. He enjoys wondering around town, from local venue to venue, trying to find the inspiring sounds from local artists.

More AM Than FM

More AM Than FM

by Daniel Warren Hill

Selena Benally, Mel Mast, and Anjalee Sharma are the fiery rock and roll trio that is More AM Than FM. This all-female guitar, drums, and bass powerhouse based in Southern Maryland follows the vein of American punk-rock bands like The Ramones and Social Distortion, while finding creative ways to share their influences by alt-country acts like Old 97’s and Uncle Tupelo, as well as Piedmont blues guitarist and singer/songwriter Etta Baker.

Fast-paced, tightly driven hard rock rhythms combined with intricate guitar licks set the tone for thought-provoking lyrical content, all carefully crafted into hooks and melodies that will have you head-banging while simultaneously questioning the status quo. This depth of songwriting and instrumental proficiency combined with the band’s unwavering passion and energy will captivate you from the first note. More AM than FM has indeed “found their niche amongst the chaos of the rock ‘n’ roll cosmos.”

When More AM Than FM takes the stage at 9:30 Club in Washington DC on August 17, it will mark, almost to the day, the two year anniversary of the band’s sophomore release, Oh, the places I have been…. Fans may be able to expect new recorded music soon, though we contend that the best way to hear new music by this incredible Washington DC area band is to experience it live and in-person.

Daniel Warren Hill

Daniel Warren Hill is a songwriter, producer, and performer. He currently rocks guitar and vocals for Alt/Rock band YellowTieGuy, Produces, sings and mixes live video for Data Recovery Project, and lends his talents to Beach Boys Tribute Band “Back To The Beach”. When not performing, Daniel is actively engaged in family activities with his wife, two daughters, roommate,and dog. Daniel enjoys exploring creative and business outlets, spending time in nature, and is currently addicted to Star Trek Timelines.

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Radio B Reinforces Why Blackness is Priceless.

“Never sell my soul just to earn a wage”, wise words spoken by AGM boss, RVA Rap Elite creator, and local RVA rapper Radio B in his most recent single “Blackness is Better than Gold.” The video kicks off stating that the price of melanin($350) is worth 6.54 times more than the price of gold($54.23), in hopes for the Black Community to come to the realization their actual self worth is invaluable and priceless. Radio B’s timing couldn’t have been better with the protests against police brutality and systemic racism still going strong and especially because he is from Richmond where the removal of Confederate Statues is on going. It will be a busy week for Radio B as the video dropped on today and he later will be going head to head against another RVA favorite and fellow AGM rapper Michael Millions in the Radio B hosted Aux Wars tournament “The War of the Chords”. His new album “All Art A’int Pretty” drops Friday and he also has something special in store for his fans on Saturday morning. Be sure to add this song to your protest/revolution playlist and peep the King Z directed video. fans on Saturday morning. Be sure to add this song to your protest playlist, check out the for a listen to the album early and merch, and peep the King Z directed video.

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STRUAN Drops New Video, “Over You”

Struan is an artist from Arlington, who also went to UVA. When asking him about his music, he says, “My music is for late night drives when all you can think about is her, the smell of her hair on a summer evening, nostalgia for just 5 minutes ago, rooftops, and insomnia at 3 AM on your friend’s couch.” His music is very calming, yet also motivating at the same time. It makes the listener feel as if all of their problems are gone for a moment, and that anything is possible.

His newest video, “Over You” dropped on June 12th. It was on Spotify “Fresh Finds” and “Fresh Finds: Pop” and has been really well received thus far. The video was shot in both Austin, and Nashville. The song is about a break up, and the phase of running away from all the fallouts and friends lost through the break up. This song makes you think of past loves, and is a good song to get you “in your feels.” Check out the video below.

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