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Jeania Stewart: ‘We All Love, Wonder, and Ponder Life As We Wish Upon the Same Moon and Stars’

Jeania Stewart performing with The American Rogues - Photo by Ken Clark

Pianist, percussionist, seamstress, world traveler, antique collector, art framer, wife, mother, Elvis enthusiast – just a few of the many roles balanced with grace by Jeania Stewart of The American Rogues – for whom the journey is the destination. Since joining The American Rogues officially in 2006, Stewart has become a secret ingredient to the award-winning Celtic rock collective’s successes. Join contributing writer Cynthia Gross as she connects with Jeania Stewart in recognition of Irish American Heritage Month to discuss her starts, proud DMV roots, and exciting plans for the future.

Sabine Shines In First Single of 2022, “I didn’t mean to”

Sabine I didn't mean to Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Hailing from Shropshire, England on the border of Wales, chill-pop singer-songwriter Sabine has just released her latest single about unrequited love, “I didn’t mean to.” From the intro to the final chorus, “I didn’t mean to” introduces a number of changes, with various instruments seemingly coming and going, while […]

John Evans Reminisces on Love Lost with ‘Dream Of You’

John Evans "Dream of You"

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill It’s probably a safe bet that at the time of this writing, North Wales recording artist John Evans has released over 100 songs under various project names since his commitment to music began at age 14. Various project names have included (but are not limited to): Redhill; The MK […]

Ben Ellis Pursues His Dreams with ‘not this time’

Ben Ellis "not this time"

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych Ben Ellis’ latest track, “not this time,” shows the merit of sticking true to your dreams. Benjamin Payne is a 19-year-old Cardiff, Wales native currently living in London studying music. He has sung ever since he can remember, deciding to try songwriting at age 10, and starting guitar lessons at […]