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Record New Live Album with M4TR at Jammin Java

Flyer promoting the Feb10 Jammin Java event featuring M4TR, 5th of Four, and The Invisibles.

More to Watch Flyer promoting the Feb10 Jammin Java event featuring M4TR, 5th of Four, and The Invisibles. Synthpop dance-rockers M4TR (Music 4 The Revolution) will record their next album live at Jammin Java with 5th of Four and The Invisibles on Feb 10. “M4TR (Music 4 The Revolution) brings you rebellious dance-rock from the […]

Shelly Star and the Galaxy Journey to Jammin Java

Shelley Star and the Galaxy performing on stage in space themed outfits.

Recent Articles Shelley Star and the Galaxy celebrate the release of their forthcoming album with a special performance alongside BUKO BUKO and Ari Voxx at Jammin Java on February 4. This won’t be the band’s first time appearing on the Jammin Java stage, however; they were awarded second place in Band Battle #25 at the […]

“Wind The Clock” with Brian K & The Parkway

Brian K. & The Parkway "Wind The Clock" album art depicting a guitar amplifier in the middle of the forest surrounded by Fall foilage.

Recent Articles Brian K. Pagels and Stephen Russ, the DC-area duo that make up Brian K & The Parkway released their debut single, “Wind The Clock” on January 12. The pair will release their debut album, Killing the Bear, on March 29, 2024 alongside the launch of their upcoming tour that begins the night of […]

Come Alive with A Shrewdness of Apes

A Shrewdness of Apes band members posing together along a sidewalk.

Washington D.C. progressive rock act A Shrewdness of Apes (ASOA) are poised to release their latest offering, Live from Jammin Java on December 28, 2023. Ring in the New Year with the first live EP to be released by ASOA and made available on all major streaming platforms. 
Recorded earlier this year while sharing a lineup with Outerloop and Roscoe Tripp at the iconic VIenna, VA concert venue Jammin Java, the live album was then mixed by Ben Green of Ivakota Studios.

DC’s M4TR Plans to Bring the Retrofuture to The Renegade VA

An image of M4TR with a neon background, promoting their upcoming show at The Renegade VA on December 14th.

Recent Articles Join M4TR in the Retrofuture for an electrifying 3+ hours of rebellious dance-rock vibes on Thursday, December 14, at The Renegade VA. See M4TR at The Renegade VA on December 14. An acronym for “Music 4 The Revolution,” DC’s rebellious dance rock band M4TR come from the “Retrofuture,” where the boundaries between genres […]

Keep Summer Flowing with “Daytrippin” by Iration

In a spacey, red background, a white hand is coming out of a yellow gate. There is a beach, and abstract shapes around the sand. Around the entire image is a red border that says Iration in white text on the bttom, and Daytippin in white text at the top.

More to Watch Iration released their newest album, Daytrippin, on October 6th. The Hawai’i-based band takes it back to their roots on their newest album. Iration – “Daytrippin” Album Art – provided by artist. While their 2020 album, Coastin’,  had a bit more of an electronic influence on their reggae-fusion, this newest album strips that […]

Trilogy Sound Studio is Passionate about Music Education

A studio computer displays the Trilogy Sound Studio Logo.

“Trilogy Sound Studio is a minority and veteran-owned, woman-led music studio based in Burke, Virginia” that was founded in 2021.”
I spoke with CEO Sarah Benrazek about the studio’s mission and overall work, as they are quite prominent within the DMV community – the studio is the 3x Winner of Washington City Paper’s “Best Recording Studio” Award in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Trilogy’s “vision is to build a platform for music independence for artists, creators, and music students.” Its “mission is to empower artists through music education and technology in our full-service recording and music production facility. The studio’s values are: “Creativity, Personal Ownership, Mindfulness, Innovation, Eclectic Collaboration,” and “Inclusivity.”

Hum Along with Eli Lev in “That Universal Song”

Eli Lev - "That Universal Song" album art with an orange-red background, the name of the artist and song, and a futuristic looking AM/FM radio.

More to Watch Eli Lev has masterfully built strong human connections over the years by captivating audiences with his authentic, infectious melodies and uplifting lyrics. “That Universal Song,” recorded over a two-year span in Manassas, Virginia with acclaimed producer Austin Bello, continues the trend by merging modern production techniques with conventional instrumentation to achieve a […]

Richmond Rapper Johnny Ciggs Gets Deep — New Album Grace St

Johnny Ciggs — Grace St. — Album art depicting a hand drawn style of artwork depicting Johnny Ciggs on the left, in front of a row of townhomes. The windows are lit revealing risqué things. happening in the windows.

Recent Articles Grace St. was released on August 1, 2023. Johnny Ciggs, a hip-hop/rap artist from Richmond, VA, exudes vulnerability in his newest album, filled with his experiences over a “Real crazy few years living on Grace St.,” he says, “Reminiscing … Richmond, VA is a lot different than it was back then, so it […]

Illiterate Light “Don’t Settle Down” — Touring; New EP

Album artwork for Aloe by Illiterate Light featuring colorful graffiti style artwork on a black background.

More to Watch Virginia rock band Illiterate Light celebrate the release of their new EP with national tour; hometown show at Get Tight Lounge in Richmond, VA on Saturday, September 16th. Album artwork for Aloe by Illiterate Light After receiving significant critical acclaim for their sophomore full-length album, Sunburned (released January 2023), which was featured […]