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Mustard Service On New Album: ‘Art Should Speak for Itself’

Mustard Service pose around a urinal in a vintage bathroom for a press photo shoot.

Mustard Service discuss their new album, Variety Pack, and upcoming DMV show.
It all began with an ambitious college dropout.

As a teenager, Marco Rivero, lead vocalist and guitarist of Miami-based zest pop five-piece Mustard Service, found himself on a journey of self-discovery, and initially, his quest led him down unfruitful and potentially destructive paths.

“When I was 18, I was kind of fucking up my life,” Rivero explained. “I hadn’t done my best in high school, didn’t care much for college, and I was doing too many drugs for an 18-year-old, so my parents decided to ship me off to another country not as a punishment, but as a way to try to give me new perspectives through  which I would hopefully find a purpose or path in my life that didn’t end in rehab or jail.”

New Album by Mustard Service with ilikebloo Collaboration

Mustard Service assembled around a men's bathroom urinal.

Recent Articles Miami, Florida-based indie surf-rockers Mustard Service release their newest single, “VCM” from their third album to date, Variety Pack (available now). The single includes a guest vocal performance by rapper ilikebloo. Mustard Service – Photo by Evan Garcia “VCM” attains a vibe that hasn’t been achieved since, perhaps, 1969 with the release of […]