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A Troop of Echoes Show Their Grit with Series of Historic Live Recordings

A Troop of Echoes_INFINITE HITS 1

Recent Articles Providence, Rhode Island Natives, A Troop of Echoes have returned after an 8-year break with a new series of mixtapes titled INFINITE HITS which capture some of their most memorable and raw live performances. Known for merging post-punk energy with a post-rock atmosphere, there is a uniquely chaotic nature to A Troop of […]

julianne Keeps on Keeping On with New Single “path i choose”

Julianne - Path I Choose

Recent Articles Hybrid-pop songstress, julianne, is moving on with her latest single “path i choose”. At once introspective and bursting at the seams, it’s the kind of track that rises from the ashes with the resilient mindset of a phoenix. The song balances its more electronic foundations with the electric sheen of guitar octaves that […]

No More “Excuses” with Bad Mother Nature

Bad Mother Nature "Excuses"

Recent Articles There is an immediate sense of Americana familiarity in the opening strums of the latest single by Bad Mother Nature, “Excuses”, that harkens to the blues roots of Tom Petty, or Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Along with stacked harmonies that ground a distinctly folk feel, it’s a song that has the tinge […]