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A Troop of Echoes Show Their Grit with Series of Historic Live Recordings

A Troop of Echoes_INFINITE HITS 1

Recent Articles Providence, Rhode Island Natives, A Troop of Echoes have returned after an 8-year break with a new series of mixtapes titled INFINITE HITS which capture some of their most memorable and raw live performances. Known for merging post-punk energy with a post-rock atmosphere, there is a uniquely chaotic nature to A Troop of […]

The Challenger Disaster Conspiracy Channel Twin Peaks for Debut Single

The Challenger Disaster Conspiracy_Somethings Wrong with Dougie

Recent Articles The Minneapolis metal veterans who make up the new band, The Challenger Disaster Conspiracy, lean into their punk side with their debut single “Something’s Wrong with Dougie” from their debut self-titled EP. Inspired by the recent Reboot of Twin Peaks (The Return), the band captures the quirky, yet unsettling vibes that the show […]