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Jordyn Tareaz Finds Closure with New Single, ‘Can’t Talk’

Jordyn Tareaz - Can't Talk Cover Art

Recent Articles Maryland-based pop singer-songwriter Jordyn Tareaz released her highly anticipated second single, “Can’t Talk,” on September 23. Written in the aftermath of a breakup, the upbeat anthem empowers audiences to create boundaries around anything that does not serve them. Featuring Tareaz’s signature powerhouse vocals against a piano-driven composition, the track showcases the 21-year-old rising […]

New Single “Sorry I’m Not Sorry” by Linc Bradham is Unapologetically a Good Time

Linc Bradham Sorry I'm Not Sorry Featuring Gina Sobel Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill The third single from experimental and jazz fusion artist Linc Bradham’s forthcoming full length album, Learning, “Sorry I’m Not Sorry” makes no apologies for speaking hard truths lyrically while alternating between moments of soft reflection and funky, groove-filled movements. We’ve been following Bradham’s journey since the release of his […]