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“You Seem ‘Curious’ about the New Single by Ainjo

Ainjo - "Curious" album art shows the artist on stage with a number of colorful mannequins.

Recent Articles Ainjo explores the excitement and tension of new relationships in her groovalicious new neo-soul / contemporary R&B single, “Curious.” You should be curious. The combined rhythm section of drum and bass drive this track forward amidst interspersed intervals of ambience and vocal flourishes that seem to draw distinction between the initial timidity of […]

Vintz Desert Opens Up in “The Blue Journal”

Vintz Desert The Blue Journal Album Art

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych Softspoken, indie-folk singer Vintz Desert found his passion for music at an original time, during his service in the Marine Corps. Indie folk-singer/songwriter Desert is a Maryland-based artist. He fine tuned his craft during his time in the military, where he “discovered his voice and passion for telling stories and […]

Valoramous On The Journey To Find “Something Real”

Valoramous "Something Real" Single Album Art

Recent Articles by Daniel Warren Hill The latest single by NYC-based DJ and EDM producer Valoramous is an upbeat and uplifting track called “Something Real” that seeks to embody that sentiment while also sharing in the journey of seeking. The first few notes followed by the start of the vocals quickly align the listener to […]