Adventures of Love in “One Summer’s Day” by Jay Moussa-Mann

Jay Moussa-Mann_One Summer's Day

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee “One Summer’s Day” gives us a peak into an excursion of love that Jay Moussa-Mann found herself on in Turkey. Mustering up feel-good vibes that channel into a summer love story, the dream pop artist continues down a path of storytelling that feels kin to artists like Taylor Swift, Maisie […]

With “Foxes”, Kellyn Marie Goler Reflects on Memory

Kellyn Marie Goler_Foxes

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee What does the fox say? Indie folk musician, Kellyn Marie Goler, suggests that perhaps they have more to say than meets the ear in her new single “Foxes”. Taking a storytelling approach to themes like memory and nostalgia, she paints the humble fox as a metaphorical guide to take us […]