Jay Bizzy Introduces Himself in ‘Remember’

Jay Bizzy Remember YouTube Thumbnail

More to Watch By Carlos Ramirez In ‘Remember’, the lead track of Jay Bizzy’s upcoming EP ‘Motions’, the Essex musician gives music lovers a sample of his story telling. The chorus sets up the singer’s head space while the verses give the narrative. In those verses he cites the battles and people that have impacted […]

Contemplation and Rage in ‘Remember’ by Gio


Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Indie rocker and rapper, Gio, is getting back on track with a new single titled “Remember,” which pulses with the energy of early 2000’s rap rock but with a softer, pop edge. The Worchester, Massachusetts-based musician uses this unique intersection of aesthetics for a thoughtful song that excavates a depressed […]

Cy Noel Can’t Control Her Emotions Lately

Cy Noel "Out of Sight"

Recent Articles By Cynthia Gross On February 23, New York City-based producer, DJ, and songwriter Cy Noel released her latest single, “Out of Sight,” which reflects on the painful journey of finding yourself after an unexpected breakup. The melodic electro pop track is distinct and memorable, uniquely blending genres to create a sound all of […]