The J.O.B Are No Criminals

More to Watch The Alchemist Inspired by the protests and police confrontations in their hometown during the summer of 2020, Richmond rock band, The J.O.B. decided to preserve the moment with this powerful new music video for their latest single, “Criminal”. “There’s a lot to this song, a lot of subtext,” says Jim O’Ferrell, the […]

The J.O.B. Writes Song “Criminal” From Marcher’s Point of View Amidst Chaos in Richmond

Fueled by the sheer power of human connection, The J.O.B. from Richmond, Virginia is a band on a mission to touch the lives of everyday people with their music. The band’s founders, singer-guitarist Jim O’Ferrell and lead guitarist Jason Crawford, originally started the group in 2007 to record songs that O’Ferrell had composed during his recent deployment to the war in Iraq. They recorded their first EP shortly before O’Ferrell was called to serve overseas once again.