Firewoodisland Breaks New Ground with Becky Green in “Wide Wide Space”

Firewoodisland x Becky Green_Wide Wide Space

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Norwegian/Welsh songwriters Stian Vedøy and Abi Eleri (also known as Firewoodisland) have returned with a gorgeous collaboration with Becky Green titled “Wide Wide Space” which overflows with cascading piano and breathy vocals. There’s a calm sense of electric current that flows beneath every note charging even the softest moments with […]

louderman gets existential with “God Is In My Bed Tonight”

louderman_God Is In My Bed Tonight

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee UK based singer-songwriter, louderman, gets existential in his new single “God Is In My Bed Tonight”. The song takes a more cinematic approach in composition with dramatic orchestra strings and choral background singers creating a larger-than-life sound rooted in the vibrations of a church. Written during the pandemic, the song […]

Perro Sombra: Not Your Average Rock Band

Perro Sombra: Not Your Average Rock Band

Some bands have experience. Some bands have a fresh sound. And then there are some very special bands who have both, the kind of bands that make music that lasts forever. One of these bands is Perro Sombra. Join contributing writer Jaci Jedrych as she explores Wammie Award-winning rock band Perro Sombra’s roots, influences, and path forward. Learn the key component the band believes is crucial to allowing their music to resonate widely with national and international audiences.