Skateboard into a Trippy Sunset with Modern Diet’s Music Video for “Older”

Modern Diet_Older

More to Watch By Charlie Maybee Brooklyn based alternative rock band, Modern Diet, has returned with a laid back new single and a trippy music video for “Older”. With a lyrical flow that feels like an easy stream of consciousness spilling out upon a musical canvas, the song feels like gazing into a cloudy night […]

Graffiti Welfare Makes Waves with “Revolving Shores”

Graffiti Welfare_Resolving Shores

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee After months of buildup, Graffiti Welfare (also known as George Lattimore), has finally released his album, Revolving Shores, which brings with it all the soft synthesized, nostalgic ambience that we’ve come to love from the three leading singles (Be sure to check out our coverage of “Volume”, “Just Follow”, and […]

Astralien’s “Wild Flower” is Present Day Psych Rock Poetry

Astralien - Wild Flowers - Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Steady drums and a booming synth bass set the initial tone for “Wild Flower,” the latest single by psych rock / alternative rock band Astralien. Already the third single after the release February’s full length album, Aengus, “’Wild Flower’ is a song about resisting the information overload of the […]

Creature Canyon Fans the Flames in Music Video for “Faded Fire”

Creature Canyon - Faded Fire - YouTube Music Video Visualizer Thumbnail

More to Watch By Margaret Adams San Diego-native band Creature Canyon has released the official visualizer for their new single “Faded Fire,” a reflection of a relationship that is slowly burning out. This is the band’s fourth single of the year, following the release of their previous singles, “Mirrors,” “Pressure,” and “Simulator.” The California pop-rock band […]

Ethereal Tones and Propulsive Rhythms in Jamie Leeming’s “Shinkansen”

Jamie Leeming_Shinkansen

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee London based jazz guitarist, Jamie Leeming, is back with a soul stirring debut EP titled Resynthesis. With the contemplative album opener titled “Shinkansen”, he kicks off an extended moment of zen with a thoughtful collection of tracks that is sure to carry any careful listener off into musical sunset. The […]

George Katsos Gets Sentimental with “Dearest Friend”

George Katsos_Dearest Friend

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Indie pop rocker, George Katsos, is gearing up for the release of his latest EP with the new single “Dearest Friend”. With melodic guitars and a pulsing backbeat, it’s a reflective song that pleads to the better nature of titular character reminding them that Katsos will be there till the […]

“Pocket Theory” Shows how Springworks Can Twist and Turn

Springworks_Pocket Theory

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Canadian indie pop band, Springworks, leaning into some zany, psychedelic sounds that crash and spread like waves on the shore of a beach. “It is a song that displays our influences more than most or our previous releases I think” the band writes, “specifically the late 90’s early 2000’s feel […]

The Upsides Embrace Electric Blues in “Undercover Retro”

The Upsides_Undercover Retro

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee New York City based rock band, The Upsides, are at it again with their new single, “Undercover Retro” which leans into a slightly psychedelic blues sound while maintaining a strong electric drive. As the title track of their forthcoming EP, this is a more aloof track that holds its information […]

Alchemical Records Playlist Updates: Week of May 21, 2022

New Music This Week

More to Watch By Daniel Warren Hill Happy Saturday! It’s time for another installment of our weekly playlist update highlights. These are some tracks that we want to make sure you get a chance to check out, but for one reason or another we were unable to get into more detail about in other areas […]