Astralien’s “Wild Flower” is Present Day Psych Rock Poetry

Astralien - Wild Flowers - Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Steady drums and a booming synth bass set the initial tone for “Wild Flower,” the latest single by psych rock / alternative rock band Astralien. Already the third single after the release February’s full length album, Aengus, “’Wild Flower’ is a song about resisting the information overload of the […]

Creature Canyon Fans the Flames in Music Video for “Faded Fire”

Creature Canyon - Faded Fire - YouTube Music Video Visualizer Thumbnail

More to Watch By Margaret Adams San Diego-native band Creature Canyon has released the official visualizer for their new single “Faded Fire,” a reflection of a relationship that is slowly burning out. This is the band’s fourth single of the year, following the release of their previous singles, “Mirrors,” “Pressure,” and “Simulator.” The California pop-rock band […]

glu Goes Psychotropic in New Single “ONAPILL!”

glu ONAPILL! Music Video YouTube Thumbnail

More to Watch By Daniel Warren Hill At just a little over one and a half minutes, the latest single by Australian Alt Rap pioneer glu, “ONAPILL!” has no time to be delicate about the track’s sensitive nature surrounding the topic of drug use. Accompanied by deep 808s and stripped back drums, the track features […]

Cory Driscoll Offers His New Album “Eureka Springs”

Cory Driscoll Press Photo

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Having been writing songs for twenty years, Jacksonville artist Cory Driscoll is no stranger to producing music. He formed the post-punk band Curious Animals in 2008, followed by the post-rock band Young Adult in 2012. His solo EP debut came in the form of 2018’s Tropical Depression, reflecting a […]