Caitlin Min Fa: ‘It’s Important to Drive the Awareness that All Walks of People Can Succeed in This Music Industry’

Caitlin Min Fa

Pop singer-songwriter Caitlin Min Fa has led a life constantly influenced by music. From a young age, the native of Melbourne, Australia, had a dream to not only be heard, but to ensure that the music she wrote could be shared around the world, and that’s exactly what she’s living out. In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Min Fa spoke with contributing writer Eric Althoff about her inspirations, how she comes up with her unique music, and what we can expect of her with the world once again opening up.

Bhi Bhiman Gets Existential with New Single “Helpless”

Bhi Bhiman_Helpless

More to Watch By Charlie Maybee St. Louis based indie folk musician, Bhi Bhiman, is getting existential with his latest single “Helpless”. Released along with an accompanying music video, this is second single off his forthcoming album and shows the artist at his most personal and vulnerable. Mixing an acoustic foundation with some synthesized ambience, […]

Ten Minute Detour Trades Materialism for Good Vibes in “On We Go”

Ten Minute Detour_On We Go

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Calgary based alternative rock band, Ten Minute Detour, is back with chill indie vibes in their new single “On We Go”. If you took the more recent Cage the Elephant albums and combined it with the stacked harmonies of The Eagles, you would probably concoct something akin to what this […]

Shayla McDaniel Honors Mental Health Awareness Month in “Here with Me”

Shayla McDaniel_Here with Me

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Knoxville based indie rock musician, Shayla McDaniel, honors Mental Health Awareness Month with new single “Here with Me”. Instead of focusing on those afflicted by mental illness, she calls attention to those who act as support systems for loved ones working through tough times. In doing so, she thanks them […]

No Bull: Cathy DiToro Plans to Take 2022 by the Horns

Cathy DiToro

Cathy DiToro is a staple of the DMV music scene. In addition to performing as part of fan favorite cover ensembles, including The Legwarmers, she manages ProjectHERA, a nonprofit she founded to push more visibility for female musicians, as well as HERAFest, which aims to “showcase women being badass musicians at any age in all genres.” This year, DiToro is embracing a major personal transition: releasing more of her own solo work and building her own brand. Learn more with contributing writer Eric Althoff, including the reason why DiToro is approaching the new year boldly with a “now or never” attitude.

sunset + mine Reimagine Coldplay’s Hit Single, ‘Fix You’

sunset + mine "Fix You"

Recent Articles By Emma Page Following their debut single, “Honey Let’s Go,” Washington D.C.-area husband-and-wife duo sunset + mine, or Valerie and Rocco Repetski, have made Coldplay’s “Fix You” their own. This “sonic adventure” is in tune with their uplifting aura. From the track’s opening, we are immersed in an electro pop world that consists […]

MP Grey Relives Magical Experience with ‘The Night Won’t Be Over’

MP Grey "The Night Won't Be Over"

Recent Articles By Linc Bradham “Sometimes you just want the night to never end. Everything is perfect – the club, the people, the music. It’s that magical time you remember forever…” Whether or not you grew up in the 90’s and early 00’s, dancing late into the night with raucous, bumpin’ beats is something we […]

Ben DeHan ‘Woke Up’ with Latest Single

Ben DeHan Album Art Woke Up

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Ben DeHan made his way into the hearts of fans as a member of Baltimore-based rock band American Diary in 2006. With the release of their sophomore album in 2008, The Brightest Colors, came the opportunity to undertake over 44,000 miles of national touring, which also included the band’s […]