Bite The Boxer Gets Nostalgic and Spooky with Music Video for “Like A Ghost”

Bite The Boxer_Like A Ghost

More to Watch By Charlie Maybee Matt Park, also known as Bite The Boxer, is back with a new music video for “Like A Ghost” which continues his trek into the world of alt-pop, synthwave, lo-fi, and indie pop to create a dreamy and lush soundscape. Visually, we see Park playing different instruments gradually fading […]

The Neuro Farm Cast Spells with New Album, Vampyre

The Neuro Farm "Vampyre"

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Darkwave gothic rock band, The Neuro Farm, has released their third album, Vampyre.  The term “vampyrism” refers to a curse that was believed around biblical times. The album’s story tells of a woman who is persuaded to join a vampyric cult with the promise of immortality. Because of the building […]