Isabel LaRosa Brings Video Trilogy to Close with “HEAVEN”

Isabel LaRosa - "HEAVEN" cover art

More to Watch By Emma Page Breakout alt-pop artist Isabel LaRosa recently released her song “HEAVEN,” alongside its video, the final installment to her three-song EP “i’m watching you” and video trilogy, which consists of her other two singles “HAUNTED” and “HELP”. Fans of shows like Stranger Things and horror movies will find comfort in […]

Chris Mallett Basks in Summer Vibes ‘Coastin’ Down the 10′

Chris Mallett - Coastin Down the 10

Recent Articles By Cynthia Gross On July 2, Los Angeles-born singer-songwriter Chris Mallett released his latest single, “Coastin’ Down the 10,” ft. Niv-Lac. The buoyant, feel-good rap track, which showcases the emerging artist’s lyrical flow, offers a perfect addition to your summer playlist. Chris Mallett began composing “Coastin’ Down the 10” on piano as a […]

Sofia Gillani Faces the Fire in “Flames”

Sofia Gillani - "Flames" cover art

More to Watch By Emma Page Sofia Gillani, an upcoming singer/songwriter born and raised in London, has released her newest fiery single, “Flames,” and its accompanying video on June 30. Gillani began her musical career at just 9 years old, starring as a lead in the musical Evita. Since 2020, she has released five songs, […]

Claudia Bouvette is Ready for a Girl’s Night Out in “Solo Night”

Claudia Bouvette_Solo Night

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Quebec based singer-songwriter, Claudia Bouvette, is fed up with the drama and ready to cut ties in her new single “Solo Night”. In the opening chorus, she sings, “I know a solo night’s gonna do me some good” wasting no time in sharing her desire to get away from a […]

My New Mixtape Reflects on Gun Violence with “Sugar Cereal”

My New Mixtape_Sugar Cereal

More to Watch By Charlie Maybee Alexandria, Virginia based fringe pop musician, Jarrett Nicolay, also known as My New Mixtape, channels his frustration with the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas into his new song “Sugar Cereal”. Along with a new music video that features Fred Hof of Most Savage Gentlemen wandering around a giant […]

Finding Pride in a Sea of Negativity: Katie Hargrove of Indie Duo Wild Story

Wild Story - Katie Hargrove and Viv Parker

Los Angeles-based indie pop duo Wild Story, formed by best friends Viv Parker and Katie Hargrove during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, consistently delivers hard-hitting music that finds itself in the hands of those who need to hear the band’s uplifting messages most – this can mean those who feel isolated due to negative perceptions of their sexuality. In recognition of Pride Month, read more to learn about how Wild Story’s Katie Hargrove navigates her authentic queer perspective and implements this passion for human connection into her music storytelling with Alchemical Records’ contributing writer Emma Page.

Summer Relaxation and Poolside Reflection in “SYWA” by Grey Oakes

Grey Oakes_SYWA

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee North Carolina based indie R&B musician, Grey Oakes, is here to smooth over the summer blues with the new single “SYWA”. Digging into a variety of pop influences as well, this a jam that will lull you into a state of relaxation and introspection like gentle waves crashing on the […]

Graffiti Welfare Makes Waves with “Revolving Shores”

Graffiti Welfare_Resolving Shores

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee After months of buildup, Graffiti Welfare (also known as George Lattimore), has finally released his album, Revolving Shores, which brings with it all the soft synthesized, nostalgic ambience that we’ve come to love from the three leading singles (Be sure to check out our coverage of “Volume”, “Just Follow”, and […]

Lucy Dreams Creates Unique World of Psychedelia in “Götterfunken”

Lucy Dreams - "Gotterfunken" artwork

Recent Articles By Emma Page Götterfunken is the debut album of European dreampop trio Lucy Dreams, who hails from the cultural metropolis Vienna and consists of David Reiterer and Philipp Prückl. Who is the third member? None other than Lucy herself, who they have designated an “A.B.” – an “artificial band member.” Lucy is an […]

Kevin George Finds Himself in a Loop in “IF LOOKS COULD KILL”

Kevin George "If Looks Could Kill" Music Video Thumbnail YouTube

More to Watch By Emma Page Kevin George, a young Connecticut-based alternative R&B artist, recently released his single “IF LOOKS COULD KILL,” along with its entertaining music video that channels the concept of Netflix’s Russian Doll. The song’s epic sonic opening consists of George’s smooth vocals as the camera zooms out on what the viewer […]