Joseph Michael Jones: ‘Just Because Someone Isn’t Seeing You As Something Doesn’t Mean You’re Not That’

Joseph Michael Jones

Multifaceted creative and DMV native Joseph Michael Jones is one of a kind. Blending the roles of visual artist, author, playwright, actor, musician, and industry professional, he demonstrates the freedom that comes from creating a life on your own terms. Learn more about Joseph Michael Jones’ journey with contributing writer Cynthia Gross, including his favorite DC9 Nightclub memory, how he navigates his identity as a queer Black man, and the most important lesson he has learned during his growth process.

Saven Feels Like He Is “Falling Falling Down”

Saven "Falling Falling Down" Album Art

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Alt-country singer-songwriter Saven has released his new genre-bending single “Falling Falling Down.” This latest single is part of his master plan to release a new single every month in 2022. “Falling Falling Down” follows the singles “I Don’t Want to Be Here,” “Times,” and “Tell Me When You Dream.”  While […]

Face Your ‘Giants’ and Conquer Them, Too, with Luke James Shaffer

Luke James Shaffer "Giants"

Recent Articles By Cynthia Gross This Alchemical Records article is read by the author to provide a multimedia experience for our audience while increasing the accessibility of our content to persons with hearing loss, low vision, dyslexia, physical or motor disabilities, or are on the autism spectrum. With his latest single, “Giants,” Northern Virginia-based […]

Website Updates 8/6/2013

Hello again! we wanted to let you know about what we’re doing to improve the site, and some things that will be coming up next! We updated our artist section to tell you a little bit about our artists and other places on the web that you can check them out. We also began setting […]