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Dive into the Musical Cosmos of Arya Zappa’s New Album

Arya Zappa_A Study of Dreaming Habits

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee Synth pop goddess and enigmatic art-rocker, Arya Zappa, is ready to dance with psychoanalytic prose in her new album, A Study of Dreaming Habits. With a healthy dose of glossy melodies, fizzing electronic beats, and ethereal ambience, this is an album that will have you grooving with self-reflection whether you […]

Arya Zappa Celebrates “Saturday” with Fans All Over The World

Arya Zappa Saturday Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Since the dawn of the nine-to-five workday and the five-day workweek, Saturday has always held a special place in the hearts of the people. For Indie Pop artist Arya Zappa, “Saturday” is a day to sleep in, stay out late, and fall in love. With Italo-disco-inspired themes merging Zappa’s […]