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Emo Trio Fieldrush: ‘We Were Working to Get the Most Out of Not Just Our Songs, But Also Ourselves’

Fieldrush - Photo by Nick Brandau

San Diego-based emo trio Fieldrush named their band after a desert plant, specifically, a weed that can withstand harsh conditions. Given that the band was established during the height of the pandemic, the name feels fitting. Fieldrush’s high-energy compositions, carefree attitude, and introspective songwriting position the band as an unmistakable rising act. Learn more about Fieldrush’s exciting story, including how the band’s cultural diversity informs their creative process, their favorite memory of the D.C. area, and what audiences can expect from their forthcoming debut EP, Fundamentals.

BELAGANAS’ Masterful Multigenre Multiperspective Music and Video, “If You Want It”

BELAGANAS If You Want It Music Video Thumbnail YouTube

More to Watch By Daniel Warren Hill One of three singles released on the compilation, “Softy,” “If You Want It” is joined by “Nevermind It To Hell” and “Delusional,” each highlighting some aspect of BELAGANAS’ genre-twisting nature rooted in rock, rap, punk, and pop. At one point, the band playfully described their sound as: “if […]

dxadpoxt Finds More of Himself in “Lone Traveller”

dxadpoxt Lone Traveller Album Art

Recent Articles By Daniel Warren Hill Canadian and Conscious Hip-Hop producer and rapper dxadpoxt has just released his first single of 2022, “Lone Traveller.” “Lone Traveller” from dxadpoxt’s forthcoming EP, promises to be the artist’s move to a more cerebral, philosophical sound. dxadpoxt’s debut single in 2019, “Eyes Wide Shut” and subsequent releases set a […]

sunset + mine Reimagine Coldplay’s Hit Single, ‘Fix You’

sunset + mine "Fix You"

Recent Articles By Emma Page Following their debut single, “Honey Let’s Go,” Washington D.C.-area husband-and-wife duo sunset + mine, or Valerie and Rocco Repetski, have made Coldplay’s “Fix You” their own. This “sonic adventure” is in tune with their uplifting aura. From the track’s opening, we are immersed in an electro pop world that consists […]

Jesse Brady Feels ‘Conflicted’

Jesse Brady "Conflicted"

Recent Articles By Jaci Jedrych Audio engineer, singer-songwriter, and illustrator Jesse Brady dropped her third track, “Conflicted,” on February 25. Brady has always made music a part of her life. Growing up, she went to an open-minded school in Florida that always encouraged her big ideas and artistic interests. “I found that songwriting was the […]

Karen Culi’s Near-Death Experience Inspires ‘Here We Are’

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee D.C.-based rock musician and model Karen Culi recently released her new single, “Here We Are.” In the opening verse, she reveals that a near-death experience was the catalyst for the song’s creation with the line “I should have died but I survived.” Backed by a simple, driving backbeat, this is […]