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Violinist Mazz Swift Will Join the Multicultural Silkroad Ensemble at George Mason

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History’s Silk Road was a loose network of trade routes between Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Traveling such distances required not only understanding different cultures and languages, but also learning about those peoples’ music along the way. The Silkroad Ensemble, the brainchild of Yo-Yo Ma, brings together musical styles from around the world. The Grammy-winning group will perform “Uplifted Voices” at George Mason University Jan. 29. Join contributing writer Eric Althoff as he sits down with violinist Mazz Swift who shares details on the show, comprised entirely of women and nonbinary artists, as well as their own journey.

Betty Reed Revisits “Never Enough” with a Acoustic Rendition

Betty Reed_Never Enough

Recent Articles By Charlie Maybee “In 2021, I released my song “Never Enough” as a moody, synth-heavy, electro-pop single” notes singer-songwriter Betty Reed, “While I believe the song was well produced, I always thought it would be more resonant and emotional with simply an acoustic guitar and percussion accompaniment”. And thank goodness she followed her […]

New Single By Joe Wilkinson Turns “Water To Wine”

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More to Watch By Daniel Warren Hill Recorded from his home studio on The Costa Blanca, Spain, “Water To Wine” is the latest single by singer-songwriter Joe Wilkinson. Very much in the vein of ‘when life gives you lemons,’ Wilkinson says “Water To Wine” is a refusal to give in when the going gets tough, […]