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Violinist Mazz Swift Will Join the Multicultural Silkroad Ensemble at George Mason

Mazz Swift - Cropped Feature Image

History’s Silk Road was a loose network of trade routes between Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Traveling such distances required not only understanding different cultures and languages, but also learning about those peoples’ music along the way. The Silkroad Ensemble, the brainchild of Yo-Yo Ma, brings together musical styles from around the world. The Grammy-winning group will perform “Uplifted Voices” at George Mason University Jan. 29. Join contributing writer Eric Althoff as he sits down with violinist Mazz Swift who shares details on the show, comprised entirely of women and nonbinary artists, as well as their own journey.

Husam Gets the Last Laugh with New Single, ‘I’ll Destroy You’

Husam-I'll Destroy You

Recent Articles D.C.-based Syrian American artist Husam, a favorite at Alchemical Records, released his latest single, “I’ll Destroy You,” on October 2. The haunting, evocative track confronts the sensitive topic of child abuse head-on and reveals what it means to exact revenge. Considering the song’s delicate subject matter, listeners would expect the musical composition of […]

National Vinyl Day Unites Past with Present

Joe's Record Paradise - Promo Photo for National Vinyl Day 2022

On August 12, the U.S. celebrated National Vinyl Day, recognizing the lasting impact of vinyl records. Phonograph or gramophone records have been a popular music storage medium since the 1800’s, though they picked up the name ‘vinyl’ in the 1940’s when the use of polyvinyl chloride (rather than the previous medium, shellac) became common. Throughout the 20th century, they were the primary method of listening to music. Join contributing writer Jaci Jedrych as she explores the resurgence of vinyl records alongside Jon Lottman, owner of D.C.-based Spin Time Records, and Johnson Lee, owner of Silver Spring-based Joe’s Record Paradise.

Jacob Humber Is Sick of Talking about the ‘Afterlife’

Jacob Humber "Afterlife"

Recent Articles By Margaret Adams Indie singer-songwriter Jacob Humber is back with his new single, “Afterlife.” This is Humber’s fourth single since his debut in 2018 with “End of the Street.” The single was rewritten with its producer, Julian Dente, during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as recorded at Dente’s home studio. With mixing by […]

Sharing Comfort Through Sad Music, Cail Releases “better than that”

Cail "better than that"

Recent Articles By Jessica McCormick 2020 was not an easy year for most of us. Nine times out of ten, I was curled up on my couch, acting as furniture for my cats, probably playing Animal Crossing, and definitely listening to music. While many of us were waiting for a sense of normalcy to return […]