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Joel Porter Brings Electronic Sadness with “Bad Habits”

Joel Porter - Bad Habits

Recent Articles Admittedly, I had never heard of a folktronica band before listening to Joel Porter’s new single “Bad Habits”, but that is the perfect descriptor. There’s electronic prophecy to the pluckiness of the opening guitar riff that makes the impending beat feel as fulfilling as it is minimal, which may seem paradoxical, but it […]

Madisyn Gifford Opens Up About Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

Madisyn Gifford_Dancing On The Line

More to Watch By Charlie Maybee “Dancing On This Line” sees adult contemporary musician Madisyn Gifford open up about her Borderline Personality Disorder. With the release of the single’s new music video, she gives us a fragmented view of her experience. Through a black and white filter, the video acts like a collage of various […]